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A Review: Clinique LE Plum Purple Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad

So I have had the Clinique LE Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad for quite some time now and have therefore had a lot of time to play around with it. And boy have I experimented with it - I have used them alone, on top of a colour base, wet, wet on top of a colour base. Name an application technique and I probably tried it. Why? Sadly, because they are simply not as pigmeneted as I would like them to be. They are quite soft and transfer easily to makeup brushes but applied on the eyes they don't look as pretty and intense as they do in the pans. They are all very multidimensional colours if you swatch them but somehow this isn't the case on the eyes - they often look very plain on the eyes. But I still like them very much - you can find a way to make the best of them - I strongly suggest using a matching cream eyeshadow underneatch them - pink, mauve or purple. I love the fact that they are warm plums and purples - I feel they complement more skintones than cool purple shades would. I also love how they compliment each other so much that you don't really have to blend them together they just blend into each other without any line of demarcation between the shades. Unless, you apply them wet that is - then they are difficult to blend out so I don't recommend applying them wet at all.
Now for the colours themselves. The lightest colour in the quad (light shade from a clinique duo called Plum Potion from the regular collection) looks like a very shimmer cool beige in the pan but when you swatch it you realize that it is actually a shimmery silver purple grey colour - very pretty but way to shimmery to be used a highlighter per se on the browbone if you are not going for a Haloween flashback of the '80s makeup look - think Joan Collins in "Dynasty". It does however look stunning if you use as a lid colour and pair it with the darkest shade - the almost matte deep purple shade (contour shade from a Clinique trio called come Heather from the regular collection). The deep purple eyeshadow actually has some beautiful deep rose shimmer running through which is only visible when you apply wet - say, as an eyeliner to avoid the bending issue. It has pretty good pigmentation as well. The shimmering rose shade (precious pink shade from a LE Clinique quad from a few years ago called Pink Chocolate which is often available for a reasonable price on ebay) seems to have decent pigmentation but doesn't really cover the lid very well without a colour base - it is more of a wash of pink shimmer when applied to bare skin. It is very shimmery but works well with the dark purple contour shades which are much less shimmery. The golden purple shade -half of a Clinique duo called Beach Plum which is available in the regualr collection and is possibly one of the best duos Clinique make - is a gorgeous shade and looks stunning on EVERYONE. Yeah, absolutely everyone. I do plan to make a tutorial using the Beach Plum duo to show you how beautiful it is. However, it is not very pigmented so to get decent coverage you really need to keep packing it and packing it on until you hand literallly hurts - a major bummer. And since the lightest shade is so shimmery there is no soft shimmer or matte highlighter in the palette which means you can't do a complete look with it. Nevertheless, this is a still a really nice to palette to get - it gives you a lot of options for colour combinations and I can't seem to put it down ever since I got. It grows on you. And, if you have green, hazel or brown eyes it is a fall must have since it really brings out the colour these eyecolours.


- pretty colours which suit many skintones

- four complimenting colours make for many different looks

- the colours are very pretty but quite sheer so the palette can be worn lightly during the day or worn over a matching cream eyeshadow to build up the colours for a sultry evening look

- beautiful, elegant silver packaging


- pigmentation of all the shades but lightest silvery purple grey highlighter shade could be much better

- the highlighter shade is too shimmery to be used for day with the rest of the colours if you don’t want to look like a disco ball

- there is no soft shimmer or matte highlighter so you can't do a complete look with just this palette

Rating: * * * * (worth buying if you have a matching cream shadow to use as a colour base)

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